Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wawasan 3 Survey Result dated 28th May 2009

As of 28th May 2009, we had suscessfully received majority of our friendly neighbour's support.

Hereby, we wish to share with you the current result. We hope we could improve the result and gain more support from those neighbours who were in the "Non Committal" category during the survey. This result is a snapshot of current status.

Non committal means those neighbours who have not return their survey forms, not reachable, etc. The following slide shows those common verbal feedback of non-committal category, suggestion from other neighbours is that we still lack of proper communication and therefore it is normal that people unaware & not willing to response during the survey.
We thank you for your support so far and we are very happy to announce the followings:-

Out of 658 households who had responded the survey, we discovered that 85.7% claimed that they are house owners and 13.5% were tenants. From this 658 households response, 87.7% of them have the opinion that they need guarded security services at Jalan Wawasan 3.

However, 68.9% of them have the opinion that they do not satisfy with the current security services in Jalan Wawasan 3. 91.9 % supported the suggestion to form our own independant Wawasan 3 Resident Association.

In terms of having our own guarded security services in Jalan Wawasan 3, there is only 10.3% who wish to deal direct with the security vendor indidually and the majority of 90.3% prefer to appoint Resident Association to re-present them in managing the security vendor. These two questions were purposely asked to make sure the resident really understand the difference of direct dealling and indirect dealing.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches but for the benefits of individual resident, it is advisable to have a registered Resident Association to manage a vendor's service delivery & service performamnce as individual is not able to gauge overall service quality. The disadvantages mentioned is that resident worried that there are no transparency within the daily operation of an association and may ended-up with negative assumption/perception such as corruption. The collection of payment is the most challenging factor where we had seen results from other Taman where there were on 30% collected payments.

In terms of the question in regards to charges in between RM35-45 per month, majority 80.9% have the opinion that it is resonable. There were several residents who wish to propose their business plan within the survey forms.

For the last question, it is meant to find out how many of the Wawasan 3 residents has joined the current RA. We only discover 24.9%. We need to know this because it is very important that there is a STRONG commitment from the neighbours to join a Resident Association. An association without majority members is considered a non healthy organisation and whatever activities conducted in future may ended-up with failure.

We hereby Thank You for your support and we are currently planning to move forward with a solution proposal for next steps.