Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crime ALERT in Wawasan 3

Dear fellow residents,

We would like to bring to your attention that the Crime Rate in our neighbourhood are becoming so rampant.

Wawasan 3 RA was informed of this breakin in Jalan 3/7, above are some photos of broken main door and autogate being pulled down.

Date : 17.11.2009 Suspected time : 12:00 noon - 12:30 in the afternoon

Neighbors observation :-

Noticed a beige Proton Wira parked in front of the house at around 10:30am with the engine running for more than 20 minits. Not sure how many people in the car.

At around 12:15 pm noticed a mercedes benz which is similar to the owner’s car being parked in front of the house again. This time the neighbor across was bathing her dog, she noticed that the car was fully occupied. She did not suspect anything and not sure how long has the car been around.
After a while when she went inside the house, she heard a very long sound and came out to discovered 1 side of the neighbor’s autogate being lifted and lying on the car poach. At this point of time the Mercedes was driven off quickly.
She still did not suspect anything until the owner came back.

Items Damaged :-
Auto gate being forced open, bearing spoilt.
Pad lock for the grill door being cut
2 solid locks for the main wooden door broken.

Items lost :-
A Fire proof Safe and some valuables are carted away from the house. The house is in a total mess being ransacked.


A well-run patrolling security can also be a powerful deterrent against criminal activity in our residential area.

PLEASE be ALERT ............ At time it pay to be NOSY too.... Do call the police if need be..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Briefing by JKP16 counsellor, Tan Jo Hann

Our honorable councellor conducted a briefing with regards to the
community services for JKP Zone 16 residents recently.
He gave us some advises and explanation on the functionality
and responsibility of JKP and MPSJ.

Councellor - Mr Tan Jo Hann

JKPs from Bandar Puteri and Wawasan 2

Members of Wawasan 3 RA

We are also taking this opportunity to thank our councellor for taking time
off to conduct the briefing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congratulations to the Colouring Contest Winners & Thank you to our Sponsors

Dear Fellow Residents,

We wish to congratulate those winners who have won in the colouring contest during the 16th August 2009 Crime Awareness & Prevention Dialogue with the police.

Photos shows below are our Chairlady, Ms.Yong giving away prizes to the winners.

Hereby, we wish to thank the sponsors namely Animasia Sdn. Bhd., Tesco Puchong and Giant Bandar Puteri for their generosities.

Below are the certificates of appreciation from PPJW3PS's RA.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wawasan 3's RA Patrolling / 居協佳節期間巡視家園,守望相助。

Dear Fellow residents of Wawasan 3,

During the Hari Raya long weekends, we believed that many of our neighbours are outstation therefore we (Wawasan 3 RA's committee) have initiated the Patrolling around Wawasan 3.

We did the patrolling on Saturday-19th Sept 2009 (2 rounds, afternoon and evening),
Sunday-20th Sept 2009(4 rounds, morning, afternoon, evening and night) and
Monday-21st Sept 2009(4 rounds, morning, afternoon,evening and night).

This is just a small effort and contribution from Wawasan 3's RA.


Monday, August 31, 2009

We Need Your Consent/Kami perlukan Persetujuan Anda/我們需要您的同意

PROTEM committees are going door to door, meeting & getting residents' consents for the fencing & the security services, we need your support.
Jawatankuasa Sementara (PROTEM) melawati penghuni-penghuni dari rumah ke rumah untuk mendapat persetujuan untuk pemagaran dan servis keselamatan. Kami perlukan sokongan anda.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crime Awareness Dialog 防止罪案警民交流會 16/8/09

Residents signing the consent form for fencing & security services.

Children participating in the colouring contest.

Lucky draw & coloring contest prizes sponsored by Tesco & Animasia Sdn Bhd.

Commitee member Ana reporting the crime rate in Wawasan 3.


Residents sharing their crime encounters.

Food sales & registration counter.

Tokens of appreciation for our guests from police force.

Our Art Teacher Mr.Peter judging the chidren's drawings..........

Kids enjoy playing the musical chair games.


Foods for sale 各種美味的食品出售.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Crime Awareness Dialog dated 16th August 2009

Sin Chew Jit Poh 17/8/09 report on our event