Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wawasan 3's RA Patrolling / 居協佳節期間巡視家園,守望相助。

Dear Fellow residents of Wawasan 3,

During the Hari Raya long weekends, we believed that many of our neighbours are outstation therefore we (Wawasan 3 RA's committee) have initiated the Patrolling around Wawasan 3.

We did the patrolling on Saturday-19th Sept 2009 (2 rounds, afternoon and evening),
Sunday-20th Sept 2009(4 rounds, morning, afternoon, evening and night) and
Monday-21st Sept 2009(4 rounds, morning, afternoon,evening and night).

This is just a small effort and contribution from Wawasan 3's RA.


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