Monday, March 8, 2010

Another attempted break-in foiled

Photo above shown, grill door (hinge) being cut and has been forced open.

At about 1.30pm, on Sunday 7th , March, a white Toyota Camry parked in front of a house. 2 Chinese men were trying to break in by cutting the arm of the auto-gate and (cut the hinge of the padlock) and forced open the grille door. The house owner was not in. The next door neighbour heard the sound and came out to have a look. When the burglars saw the neighbour, they rushed into their car and fled. The neighbour alerted a Wawasan 3 RA committee. The patrolling security officer rushed to the house. Both entrance/exit posts were quickly closed. RA committee managed to inform the police patrolling officers who happened to pass by our taman. Both the Police and Guards immediate launched a patrolling search for the suspected car, Unfortunately the burglars managed to flee. Nevertheless, with the alertness of the neighbor, RA members and guards, a break- in has been prevented.
Police have also adviced our security guards to practice a more stringent checking at the entrances (especially for car without stickers), otherwise the the burglars will be able to sneak in.
Our advice to all residents:
1. Please let your neighbours know that you are going somewhere. If possible the time you will be back.
2. Secure your gates and grille door with proper locks. If possible reinforce these doors.
3. Install electronic alarm, if you can.
4. Most important of all, help each other and keep watch over one another. The security guards cannot be everywhere. They can only prevent some crimes from happening. If you see suspicious characters with luxurious cars, alert the guards (phone number on security plate) immediately. They will come to the location soonest possible. They can also keep vigilance at the two entrance/exit posts.

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  1. i have a few suggestion. First of all, try to fit in the security plan and the calculation in the brochure. To let resident know what exactly going on and how the fee support our plan. 2ndly I do not understand why is the fee collected in the terms of quarterly? well due to the previous security system that failed and causes most of the resident purchased a USELESS CARD(i have 5 pcs with me) therefore its hard to convince our resident to trust on our new system. I would suggest the collection of security fee to be collected monthly ONLY for a few months and after a period of time when theres more resident confident with this system then change it to quarterly plan. Let resident try and they will pay whenever they satisfied And lastly the barrier next to the route(link puchongjaya-wawasan) broken apart and I believe it is damage by an Indian oldman who currently busy growing trees inside our barrier(pls correct me if im wrong) but if im right pls do something or maybe talk to the oldman?...hehe cheers...